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We are researchers in an academic lab and the method is patented by the French National Medical Research Council (INSERM). This survey will allow the INSERM to evaluate the possibility to license the and simplify the access to the technology.

Please help us by filling up this survey and get the opportunity to try SCENITH!

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Noella Lopes, one of our best and most important collaborator

Noella Lopes, PhD

We used the SCENITH kit and this allowed us to demonstrate the metabolic dichotomy between gamma delta T cell subsets in the thymus, periphery but also in the tumor microenvironment *1. The kit is easy to use and very useful to study the metabolic profile of cells in rare cell populations. We obtained very rapidly and in a simple way a large amount of information about metabolism like glycolytic capacity, glucose/mitochondria dependency, fatty acid oxidation capacity. SCENITH is the best technology to analyze and deepen our knowledge in the metabolism field, specially for rare but important immune cells types

Lopes, N., McIntyre, C., Martin, S. et al. Distinct metabolic programs established in the thymus control effector functions of γδ T cell subsets in tumor microenvironments. 

Nat Immunol (2021).

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